Diseases and Surgery of the Retina and Vitreous, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Macular Disease

Established in 1982, Southwest Retina Consultants, P.A. is dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of diseases and disorders of the vitreous, macula and retina.

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Diabetic Eye Disease

Treatment for different stages of diabetic retinopathy is more successful than ever and can include laser treatment, intraocular injections and surgery to remove any blood interfering with vision. Regular eye checkups can help reduce the likelihood of vision loss. Request an appointment with us today!

Retinal Detachment

A retinal detachment is when the retina separates from the back of the eye.  The retina does not work when it is detached, making vision blurry. A retinal detachment is a serious problem and must be treated right away.

Macular Degeneration

The macula is the center of the retina. It is the most sensitive part of the retina and the part that gives precise vision for reading and driving. As we age, the macula can weaken and “degenerate,” causing vision impairment. If your vision is impaired, call us today to schedule an appointment!

Macular Hole

A macular hole is a condition that affects the retina and may occur for different reasons like eye injuries, inflammation inside the eye and aging.  As we age, the vitreous gel in the back of the eyes pulls away from the macula. Some macular holes seal by themselves and do not require treatment.  In many cases, however, a surgery called vitrectomy is necessary to close the hole and restore useful vision. Contact us today to schedule your vision exam.

Macular Pucker

A macular pucker is scar tissue that has formed on the eye’s macula, located in the center of the retina. The macula provides the sharp, central vision we need for reading, driving, and seeing fine detail. If you think you have a macular pucker, call our office today and schedule an appointment!

Ocular Trauma

Penetrating or blunt ocular trauma could lead to vision loss but ocular trauma most commonly occurs when something scratches the eye. It can also come from toxic chemicals coming in contact with the eye and can cause severe eye injuries. Treatments for ocular trauma can vary based on the severity of the injury but most cases should be evaluated by a doctor. Call Southwest Retina Consultants today to schedule an appointment.

Ocular Inflammation (Uveitis)

Uveitis refers specifically to inflammation of the “uvea” or middle layer of the eye. However, it is commonly used as a general term to refer to any inflammation of the eye. Symptoms come in the form of redness, pain, or blurred vision. A common treatment for uveitis is eye drops to ease inflammation, but sometimes antibiotics can be prescribed if the uveitis is the result of an infection. Call our office today to schedule an appointment if you think you have eye inflammation.

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Since 1982 Southwest Retina Consultants has provided leading edge diagnosis and treatment of retina related diseases and disorders of the eye. Our board-certified physicians have all received specialty training at renowned medical centers and in fact are the only physicians in El Paso who are fellowship trained in retina. We focus on the latest advances in medical and surgical eye care to provide compassionate and personalized treatment of your condition.

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